Selected Works and Translations

The Strega Prize winning collection of stories by the Italian creator of realismo magico.
Bontempelli's two best known magical novels about mothers and children.
Includes the illustrious poet's memories of Trieste's ghetto in 1860 and his famous Shortcuts .
Giacomo Debenedetti's elegant and classic narrative is the earliest and most valued historical resources on the German round-up of Roman Jews.
"This whimsical Italian fantasy...belongs on the shelf next to The Little Prince and Alice and Wonderland. Simple language by translator Gilson gives the novel a poetic tone, while STO's charming black-and-white illustrations add humor." —VOYA
A chapbook of selected poems by The Grand Duke of New York translated from Hebrew with their author's assistance.
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Three Satires in Imitation of Decimus Junius Juvenalis

Estelle Gilson is a New York born writer, translator and poet now living in San Diego, California. As contributing editor to both Present Tense and Columbia (U) magazine she interviewed many notables in art, science and literature, including eighteen Nobel laureates. Her short fiction has appeared in a score of publications including the new renaissance, Other Voices, and Wind. She translated the Hebrew poetry of Gabriel Preil, (To Be Recorded - Cross Cultural Communications) as well as a translation from the French of Le Juif, a story by Stendhal, which appeared in Midstream. She and Aphra Behn are the only women whose Juvenalian Satires appear in Penguin's Juvenal in English.

Estelle Gilson's translations from Italian include The Stories and Recollections of Umberto Saba and Separations: Two Novels by Massimo Bontempelli. Her translation, October 16, 1943/​Eight Jews by Giacomo Debenedetti, was issued by Notre Dame University Press. Her most recent translations are The Chess Set in the Mirror (Paul Dry Books) and The Faithful Lover (Host Publications). Currently, Ms.Gilson writes on cultural issues for Congress Monthly.

Ms. Juvenal includes the satire New York in imitation of Juvenal's Rome and Samuel Johnson's London. Recent poetry appears in the current San Diego Poetry Annual as well as publications.


  • 1988: CASE Silver Medal Award for Best Article of the Year (Columbia Magazine).

  • 1991: Columbia University Translation Center Italo Calvino Award

  • 1992: PEN Renato Poggioli Translation Award

  • 1994: MLA Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Literary Translation Award for best literary translation of the previous two years.

  • 2000: Foreword Magazine gold medal award for translation


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