Selected Works and Translations

Ms. Juvenal - Three Satires based on Juvenal I, III, X , including New York in imitation of Juvenal's Rome and Samuel Johnson's London, proving that Empire Cities' vices and foibles still flourish and infuriate. Excerpts appeared on the Internet and in Martin M. Winkler's "Juvenal in English" (Penguin Classics:) " "Pick this up, have some coffee, and chuckle along with Gilson as she goes on about our terrible, beautiful world."
The Strega Prize winning collection of stories by the Italian creator of realismo magico.
Contains The Boy With Two Mothers and Adria and Her Children, two of Bontempelli's best known magical novels.
Includes the illustrious poet's memories of Trieste's ghetto in 1860 and his famous Shortcuts .
Giacomo Debenedetti's elegant and classic narrative is the earliest and most valued historical resources on the German round-up of Roman Jews.
"This whimsical Italian fantasy...belongs on the shelf next to The Little Prince and Alice and Wonderland. Simple language by translator Gilson gives the novel a poetic tone, while STO's charming black-and-white illustrations add humor." —VOYA
A chapbook of selected poems by The Grand Duke of New York translated from Hebrew with their author's assistance.
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Ms. Juvenal

Proving that those first century foibles still flourish among us.